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Freeform geometries by auxetic structures

Patent #17057/TUB
The digitalization of the design process enables the development of complex, free formed building components. Therefore complex shapes have to be compiled, which often are usable just once.
Technical Description
The innovation presented here uses auxetic structures for coding topographic information of complex building components in a two dimensional matrix. The invention is based on the atypical behavior of auxetic structures: Due to their negative Poisson’s rate it’s possible to stretch them in both space directions simultaneously. This enables a spatial deformation of a laminar initial state. This invention enables the transfer of topological and topographical information of virtually arbitrary free form surfaces to a two dimensional auxetic structure. Specifically this is a laminar pattern with individual irregular incisions, resulting directly out of the three dimensional target forms. With lasering or punching the laminar auxetic structure can be produced for example out of steel sheets. By stretching every point of this structure completely it precisely generates the desired target form as a spatial matrix. This matrix can for example be used as a lost formwork in conjunction with shotcrete or reinforcement of the desired building component. No additional forms are necessary.
Possible Applications
Lost formwork and “programmable” reinforcement for reinforced concrete building components in the construction industry; Simplified production of complex lightweight construction components from carbon or glass fiber for the automotive industry
Fully stretched auxetic structure according to the invention; all incisions have turned into polygonal openings, creating a specific spatial structure.
  1. Production of complex, doubly-curved geometries
  2. Optimizing the components in the digital design process
  3. Shaping and optimizing of the structure
  4. [...] further benefits online
Technology Readiness Level Technology validated in lab (TRL: 4)
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