Mesoporous carbon coatings incorporating preformed noble metal nanoparticles
Patent 17004/TUB

Production method for mesoporous carbon coatings incorporating noble metal nano particles.

  1. Catalytic activity up to 5 times higher than commercial catalyst layers (in regard to the weight of the precious metal)
  2. Adjustable composition and size of the nanoparticles
  3. Adjustable porosity and surface of the carbon
  4. Carbon is graphitic, electrically conductive and enduring
Possible Applications

Energy harvesting and storage, hydrogen production, heterogeneous catalysis, capacitors, sensors, gas storage


Nanoparticles of precious metals on conductive carbon carriers are used in various areas of the heterogenic catalysis and electro catalysis, for example the electrolytic hydrogen production. The precious metals used for these catalysts are rare and expensive, therefore limiting the industrial application. The enhanced catalytic effectiveness with decreased demand of precious metals is therefore the declared aim.

Technical Description

With this invention, a process is presented for the production of electrically conductive carbon layers of high surface area with integrated precious metal nanoparticles. Polymeric precursors of the carbon, pore templates and preformed metal naoparticles are deposited onto a substrate. After a carbonization treatmet a mesoporous carbon layer is formed with well-distributed metal nanoparticles. Layer thicknesses of few nanometers up to several micrometers are feasible. Figure 2 shows the electrochemical activity of Pt-containing catalyst coatings in the hydrogen evolution reaction (HER). Per platin mass, the PtNC/OMC catalysts show a higher activity than layers of comercially available Pt/C catalyst layers.

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