Method and Apparatus for Continuous Z-folding of Lithium-Ion Batteries
Patent 14067/TUB

The Invention enables the continuous Z-folding of a electrode-seperator-composite for faster and cost-efficient production of battery-cells.

  1. High production throughput (150% faster than conventional production methods)
  2. Continuous folding
  3. Applicable for state of the art battery technologies
  4. Production costs reduction
Possible Applications

Energy storage, Electro mobility


The electrification of drives is an enormous challenge as well as an opportunity for the automobile industry and its suppliers to provide competitive and affordable technologies to participate within this change. The high costs of battery systems, the limitations of the range of electric vehicles and the presently insufficient charging networks are three of the main reasons the realization of this change is still troublesome. To realize a cost-efficient production of battery systems, a high degree of automation and an increased production throughput is necessary. Current handling methods in assembling the inner electrode-separator-composite of battery cells are characterized by pick and place operations. Their productivity is limited by necessary sequential setting and resting stages.

Technical Description

The aim of the invention developed at TU Berlin is to provide a method and apparatus for z-folding a separator material where the electrodes get joined exactly which enables a fast and continuous folding with the highest possible throughput. The approach pursued is the shifting from discrete pick-and-place operations to a continuous and fast process flow, enabling a cost-efficient production of electrode-separator-composites and finally of lithium-ion batteries. The concept represents a major step towards a competitive manufacturing process in production of batteries.

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