Method for Operating a Cooling System
Patent 11017/TUB

This invention offers a novel technology to increase the efficiency of cooling systems.

  1. Enhanced efficiency
  2. Applicable where common systems fail
  3. Intensified pool-boiling supports heat transfer
Possible Applications

Optimization of vapor generation in evaporation processes for refrigeration in sorption cooling systems. For cooling systems which the process takes place in a vacuum. For Refrigeration systems and all applications in which a fluid has to evaporate in portions on a heat exchanger surface.


Refrigeration systems have experienced an enormous growth rate on the market in the past years, resulting in a growing demand for new and more efficient refrigeration systems. One way to increase the efficiency of the energy usage is to apply cogeneration systems, as they provide a resource-saving way for cooling temperatures and do not additionally raise the demand for power. Instead they utilize the waste heat of the power production directly for refrigeration purposes. Therefore, the aim of our invention is to provide improved technologies in conjunction with cooling systems to increase the efficiency of those systems.

Technical Description

The invention comprises a way to optimize the cooling or refrigerating capacity of an evaporator device, i.e. the transfer of thermal energy from the fluid to be cooled to the cooling agent, by supplying external thermal energy provided by an external heat source to the cooling agent in the reservoir (pool) of the evaporator device. Basically, this external thermal energy is used to externally excite the cooling agent in the reservoir to induce bubble formation or to amplify bubble formation already triggered by the cooling heat transfer. The latter can be the result of a so-called pool-boiling process, which is initiated by transferring the cooling heat from the fluid that has to be cooled to the cooling agent in the reservoir with the help of additional cooling agent of higher temperature.

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