Miniaturized Hose Pinch Valve
Patent 09080/TUB

This invention enables fast, precise and highly dynamic dosing of the smallest quantities of liquid, as required, for example, in medical technology.

  1. Works also at back pressure
  2. Use of different internal tube diameters at the same time: Construction as mixing valve possible
  3. Valves can be inject molded or flange-mounted
  4. Fast switching with high precision
  5. Especially suitable for liquids containing cells or solids (no problems with cleaning or contamination)
Possible Applications

Precise dosage of various mediums, Mixing dosing feeder or pipetted-devices for the handling of tiny quantities, Dosing with disposable cartridges, incl. valves, Pipetting tasks


Hose pinch valves are closed by the compression of a flexible section of the valve or by a segment of a tube shifting a compression body against the tube or impinging the compression section with an actuator. In both cases the tube has to be placed manually between compression body and abutment, which is a rather time-consuming process. Additionally, most of the pinch valves are quite large. That prevents their usage in miniaturized and in highly integrated systems. Thus, only switchable pinch valves are worth to be considered for the dosing of liquid substances that contain substances like cells or solids. At the Technical University Berlin a new hose pinching valve for existing dosage systems as a cost-efficient single use device. The newly developed valve enables a fast and precise dosing of smallest amounts of liquids and a dynamic control of the whole process. As the valve consists of different single modules, it allows a cost-efficient manufacturing via injection molding, thus enabling mass production and automated assembling. Additionally, the valve easily fits various individual applications. It can also be integrated into already existing installations.

Technical Description

Technical data prototype

Operating frequency: 0 – 500 Hz (tested)
Inner tube diameter: 0.2 – 1 mm (tested), further versions possible
Operating pressure: 0 – 5 bar (tested)
Frame size: Prototype: 4 mm x 8 mm x 20 mm
Minimum dispensing volumes: << 100 nl / 100 ml (tested)
Maximum dispensing volumes: 0.1 ml (with an inner tube diameter of 0.3 mm and a pressure of 5 bar)
Minimum force of actuator: 0.5 N
Fatigue strength tested up to 107 cycles with 100 Hz
Single use valve

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