Mobile, Modular, Multimodal Biosignal Acquisition M3BA
Patent 16015/TUB

This invention offers the highly precise acquisition of several bioelectric and biooptic brain and body signals simultaneously and is used in research and clinical processes as well as in automotive safety electronics or virtual reality applications.

  1. low-cost
  2. miniaturized and modular
  3. wireless
  4. high precision
  5. flexible interfacing and configuration
Possible Applications

The technology is suitable for research and mobile clinical applications as well as for consumer or (car-)safety electronics or virtual reality applications.


Currently, there are no commonly available hybrid devices combining bioelectrical and biooptical neurophysiological measurements, like electroencephalography (EEG) and functional near-infrared spectroscopy (nIRS). But the progressing fields of telemedicine, neurotechnology, and brain–computer interfaces, require wearable multimodal sensors of body- and brain-activity.

Technical Description

The mobile, modular, multimodal biosignal acquisition architecture (M3BA) offers high-performance and high precision acquisition of multiple bio-electrical and bio-optical brain- and body signals, including EEG, fNIRS and 3D-accelerometer. The instrument is wireless, miniaturized, fully customizable and energy efficient. It supports user-specified biopotential reference setups and wireless body area/sensor network scenarios.

This innovative technology is proofed by Physikalisch Technische Bundes-anstalt, a German calibration institut, and is tested in clinical trials.

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