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Modifying of Ceramis Surfaces

Patent #17061/TUB
The inertisation of material surfaces plays a large role for medicine technology, large glass areas, areas strongly overloaded by dirt, and for surfaces with strongly reduced friction.
Technical Description
The presented methode uses functionalized perfluorized bonds. The so produced inert surfaces show extremly low surface energies, are resilient against deposition of substances or cells, and offer very low friction coefficients. Interactions with other molecules like proteins, cells or different substances are reduced to a minimum. On the molecular level is a fast decline of the electric field above the material surface. The specific molecule structure creates an additional lotus effect. The combination creates the targeted hyperhydrophobic surfaces.
Possible Applications
Medicine technology, Micro electronics, Industry, Chemistry, Medicine
Figure: Comparison of a singular perfluorized layer (right) and an hyperhydrophobic perfluorized surface structure (left) produced by the inventive method and showing the additional lotus effect. (© TU Berlin)
  1. Formation of hyper-hydrophobic surfaces on a variety of different materials
  2. Formation of hyper-hydrophobic surfaces on a variety of different materials
Technology Readiness Level Small scale prototype (TRL: 4)
Property Rights
pending: EP, PCT
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Technische Universit├Ąt Berlin
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