Torque and Force Sensor
Patent 11041/TUB

With this invention, measurements are possible wherever installation heights are low, for example on sports equipment, road and rail vehicles or even construction machinery.

  1. Very low installation height but still torque sensitive
  2. Easily adaptable to different size and weight requirements (variation of material strength, radius or overall size)
  3. Measurement of momentums around x- and y-axis and of axial force in the direction of the z-axis
  4. Arched construction creates overlapping-free spaces for the fixing screws
Possible Applications

The Technology described here can be used to measure sports equipment, road and railway vehicles, construction machineries and at any other places where a low installation height of the sensor is necessary.


Simultaneous measuring of torque and force in all dimensions is extremely difficult.

Technical Description

The functionality of the torque and force sensor developed at the TU Berlin is based on the deformation of a sensitive arched structural element, which is equipped with strain gages. The momentum sensor has connected feedback levers, so that free space for elastic deformations is available as well as areas, in which the occurring elongations concentrate. If a momentum appears around the x- or y-axis, the feedback levers, that are oriented parallelly to the axis, raise at the tension-side and lower at the pressure-side. In addition to the strain gages on the feedback levers, there are further strain gages on their upper surfaces that will allow a separate measurement of the axial forces. With this improved design the sensor can measure the momentums around the x- and the y-axis and the axial force in the direction of the z-axis at the same time. A prototype of the novel sensor embodiment was built and implemented into an orthosis testing bench that has a frame size of 95 mm x 90 mm x 12.5 mm. It can measure momentums up to 500 Nm ± 5 Nm and axial forces up to 2000 N± 10 N.

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