Catalyst material for Fuel Cells, Electrolyzers, and a Manufacturing Process therefore
Patent 17058/TUB

This Invention enables an improved catalysis of commonly used reactions in fuel cells and electrolyzers as well as an easier manufacturing process for this catalyst material.

  1. Cost-efficient metals
  2. Easy manufacturing
  3. OER and ORR with a single catalyst
  4. Small space requirements
  5. No carbon corrosion
  6. Good longevity
Possible Applications

Reversible fuel cells, energy conversion systems, alkaline-air-batteries


For broad applications of fuel cells and electrolyzers as regenerative energy storage and conversion systems, the catalysis of oxygen-based reactions is decisive. A possible long-term application requires the catalysis of the oxygen evolution reaction (OER) as well as the oxygen reduction reaction (ORR). Catalysts of today facilitate only one or the other.

Technical Description

The invention presented here combines two catalysts, meeting both requirements in this way. The hereby utilized metals are common used transition metals and therefore cost-efficient. Both catalysts don’t compete and therefore show no significant impairment for their specific catalyzed reactions. The graphitic substrate also doesn’t experience carbon corrosion, usually posing an enormous problem for the longevity of the electrode. The manufacturing takes place with a catalyst ink, forming the catalyst material on the substrate with common processes.

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