Coupling Device
Patent 15052/TUB

This invention comprises a novel coupling device for liquid and gaseous media that can be used, for example, in autonomous fuel transmission and refuelling of satellites.

  1. Free combinability due to the androgynous coupling concept
  2. Undisturbed flow due to the ball valve
  3. Increased security through redundant decoupling
  4. Concept is suitable for both manual operation and autonomous operation
Possible Applications

Originally designed for modular, easy-to-maintain satellites for on-orbit servicing, fuel transfer and refueling of satellites, this system is not limited to such space applications. Moreover, the coupling device can be used wherever liquid or gaseous media need to be transferred, e.g. in the chemical industry, water management, hydraulic machinery, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, natural gas and petroleum production, etc..


Modern satellites can be understood as monolithic systems. The autonomous replacement of such systems or the repair of damaged components is not sufficiently considered in the design and construction of classical satellites. Malfunctions or damage to components or individual components therefore have irreversible consequences them, including total failure. Considering the costs that have to be spent on the development, manufacture and commissioning of a single satellites, concepts for on-orbit servicing of satellites are increasingly being researched.

Technical Description

Scientists of TU Berlin now developed an androgynous (high pressure) coupling device with an integrated ball valve for liquid and gaseous media. The system consists of 2 main modules, the actual coupling and the drive unit. While conventional closure or quick couplings consisting of a female and a male element have limitations in their applications, the androgynous design of the invention allows absolute freedom in the number, arrangement, alignment and combination of various modules of the system.

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