Oncolytic Coxsackievirus Variante PD for Treatment of Cancer
Patent 17011/TUB

This invention enables the production of an oncolytic virus variante, enabling a novel specific treatment of malignant cancer.

  1. Efficient tumor destruction
  2. Non-lethal and treatable side effects
  3. Sipmlified production
  4. Basis for additional variants
  5. Treatment customizable for the tumot to be treated
Possible Applications

Pharma industry, oncovirotherapy


Immunotherapies using oncolytic viruses offer a novel specific possibility of treating malignant tumors. Coxsackievirus B3 (CVB3) as an oncolytic RNA-virus possesses particular benefits including a short replication cycle, the generation of an abundant number of virus progeny, a strong cytolytic activity, and the introduction of robust anti-cancer immune responses. However, it was shown that the wild type CVB3 (Nancy strain) can cause severe inflammations and infections in humans and therefore an application as a safe oncolytic virus is questionable.

Technical Description

The invention presented here uses a modified variant of the CVB3 wild type, isolated after serial passaging in human fetal primary fibroblast cells. The new CVB3 – variant (PD-0) shows strong lytic effectiveness in tumor cells and inhibits the tumor growing in vivo without causing side effects. The altered amino acid sequence, positively influencing the absorption of the virus into tumor cells, seems most likely to be responsible therefore. Thus, the invention offers a new, safe method of treatment for cancer. Furthermore, PD 0 represents a basis for the development of novel PD-0-virus variants with further enhanced properties. This opens up the possibility to adapt the used virus more specifically to the tumors to be treated, thus enhancing the efficiency of the treatment even more.

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