Optoelectronic Device
Patent 14048/TUB

This invention is used, for example, in telecommunications and enables fast but also secure transmission of optical signals.

  1. Waveguide has an optical section and an electrical conductor section
  2. One-butt coupling
  3. Simple but precise alignment of the of the active element to glass fiber
  4. Easy and stable contacting of optoelectronic devices
Possible Applications

Various applications in telecommunication, lighting, laboratory, Light sensitive sensors (single photon detectors or LEDs), lasers or single photon sources, Quantum communication


Transforming optical signals into electrical signals or vice versa is of great importance in high speed data transfer to guarantee a fast but also safe signal transfer. So on one hand it is important to generate a stable electrical contact that is suitable for high-frequency. On the other hand, it is essential to guide the light precisely within the micro meter scale. Current systems use fo example optical lenses for coupling the light. Even though this method is very efficient, it is also a very sensitive one. Therefore it is necessary to adjust those systems very precisely, a fact that enhances the difficulty of handling and processing such devices.

Technical Description

It is thus an object of the invention to provide an optoelectronic device which allows connecting an optoelectronic component of the optoelectronic device to external components in an efficient, reliable and simple way. Therefore, the optoelectronic device comprises an optoelectronic component, a waveguide with an optical waveguide section and an electrical conductor section. The optical waveguide section is transparent for radiation of a given wavelength or a given wavelength range, and capable of guiding the radiation along the longitudinal axis of the waveguide. A major advantage of the device is its one step mechanically butt-coupling: That means, that the optical connection and the electrical connection can be performed in one step.

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