Peristaltic Micro Pump
Patent 16019/TUB

The innovative micropump enables precise dosing and exact control of the smallest quantities of liquid in the nanoliter range, as is often required in applications in medicine, biochemistry or chemistry.

  1. Very high delivery pressure (6.6 bar and 56 m discharge head)
  2. Easy extraction after use
  3. Mass production possible
  4. Possible application for so called Lab on a Chip systems (LOC), µTAS (micro total analysis) or DNA micro arrays
  5. Disposable cartridge, no cleaning necessary, customizable
Possible Applications

Precise dosing of single volumes in the nanoliter range, integrated into single use cartridges. Implementation into biochips or into micro fluidic systems possible. Useable as a stand-alone or an on-chip device. For low dead volume and high system integration.


In today’s medicine it is of increasing importance to transport small and precise amounts of fluids, especially in the field of microscale analysis systems such as LOC’s or μTAS, where blood or rare fluids have to be analyzed accurately. The pumps which provide the necessary amount of fluids are usually externally mounted. Because of the current size of known pumps it is hard to realize on-chip installations. The micro fluidic peristaltic pump now developed by former scientist of the TU Berlin is of a microscopic dimension and easily disposable. Therefore no more costly and complex cleaning processes are necessary.

Technical Description

To overcome the characteristic downsides of peristaltic pumps this concept relies on a disposable cartridge with integrated tubes and connectors. Therefore, the cartridge can easily be replaced if the fluid changes or if the tubing is worn out. The connector types can also be adapted to varying purposes. Furthermore, single dosage volumes as low as 300 nl can be achieved. Fatigue is not an issue since no leaking water could be detected in extensive test runs. And the simplicity of the design allows mass production.

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