Photon Pair Source
Patent 08044/TUB

This invention offers a process for the production of a photon pair source that generates interlaced photon pairs in a simple and reproducible manner and is used, for example, in the security industry or communications and information technology.

  1. Compact photon pair source
  2. High repetition rate
  3. Produces photons on demand
  4. Simple and reproducible fabrication method
Possible Applications

The invention allows producing a single photon source which can be used for quantum cryptography.


Electrically triggered single or entangled photon sources are needed for high security quantum cryptography. In addition, the mass market requires efficient electrically driven high-speed devices. A single or entangled photon source allows the use of common growth and processing techniques for fabrication.

Technical Description

We offer a method for producing a photon pair source in a simple and reproducible manner, which generates entangled photon pairs. This method offers a minimization of the fine structure splitting in quantum dots (QDs) to nearly zero using (1,1,1)-orientated semiconductor substrates.

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