Super Capacitors comprising Phosphonate and Arsenate-MOFs as active Electrode Materials
Patent 18038/TUB

This Invention describes the usage of a novel semiconductor MOF comprising Phosphonate and Arsenate for a novel electrode material used in super capacitors.

  1. Optimizable surface areas that could be up to 4 to 5 times greater than state of the art
  2. Common construction methods applicable
  3. Thermal and chemical stability
  4. Usage of common raw materials
  5. Record conductance above 200 S/m on single crystal samples
Possible Applications

Electric mobility, power storage systems, small and big electric devices, memory backup devices, battery technology


Electrochemical double layer capacitors (EDLCs) experience expanded ranges of applications as electrical storage units, based on their high power densities. It is estimated that their usage will further enhance common battery technologies, especially in the field of electric mobility. Besides their stability and conductivity, applied electrodes have to offer a great surface area for their mass in particular. Currently used materials like activated carbon reach values of 500 up to 1500 m²/g thus restricting further developments.

Technical Description

The invention presented here uses metal organic frameworks (MOFs) comprising phosphonic acid and arsonic acid metal binding units. Such MOFs provide engineerable surface areas with higher grades of customization compared to the conventional electrode materials. Phosphonate-MOFs are known to exhibit exceptional thermal and chemical stabilities while offering extremly rich structural variablity to optimize their surface area. Recent experiments proofed the semiconductive nature of phosphonate and arsonate-MOFs with band-gaps ranging between 1.4 and 2.7 eV and conductivities above 200 S/m. In combination with commonly used metallic centres made up of transition metals the constructon of trendsetting supercapacitors for everyday applications is made possible with a variety of customization options for specific demands.

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