Synthesis of Surface Functionalized mesoporous Silicates at Room Temperature
Patent 17042/TUB

This invention enables the easier manufacturing of porouse silicate particles as hostmaterial for most industrial catalysts.

  1. Continuous production possible
  2. Meeker synthesis conditions
  3. Production at room temperature
  4. Faster and easier production
  5. Many variables for customization of the catalyst
Possible Applications

Catalysis, Chemical Industry


For industrial application catalysts often are applied on solid substrates. For this kind of immobilization of catalysts ordered mesoporous silicates (OMS) are utilized most of the time. They offer great surface areas and great adjustment options of pore sizes from 2 to 50 nm. The production of these silicates in commercial-scale use presents itself with many difficulties as extreme pH-ranges, temperatures, poisonous organic solutions as well as long synthesis times are necessary.

Technical Description

The invention presented here tackles these problems for providing an eco-friendly and continuous synthesis. The used solutions are an alkali silicate precursor, an argent for surface functionalization and an agent for directing the pore structure. The novelty is the application of the reaction at room temperature and with a puffer solution at pH values from 2 to 8. As the solid is formed in the exact moment of mixing it allows for a possible continuous reaction. The produced catalyst kernels are produced automatically with very homogenous functionalization and pore sizes. The method presented here therefore offers a promising alternative for common synthesis methods and is more energy and resource saving.

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