16002/TUB TRL 4
Data Coding Using Sparse Mixture of Experts Regression

This invention offers a novel universally applicable technique for image and video coding.

14049/TUB TRL 4
Hölder Adaptive Image Synthesis

This Invention enables improved simulations of lighting in three-dimensional environments while staying computational efficient.

06058/TUB TRL 3
Memory Cell for Data Storage – I

This invention, which is suitable for data storage and memory cells, enables long-term storage at fast write speeds.

10004/TUB TRL 4
Memory Cell for Data Storage – II

This memory cell serves as an optoelectronic device for data storage and can be used, among other things, for quantum cryptography and data transmission as used in the communications industry.

10082/TUB TRL 3
Memory Cell for Data Storage – III

This innovative memory cell offers both high performance and long life and can be used in the computer industry, optoelectronics or consumer electronics.

11010/TUB TRL 3
Memory Cell for Data Storage – IV

The presented memory cell is suitable for optoelectronic devices and for data storage. It can be used in the computer industry, optoelectronics or consumer electronics, for example.

13019/TUB TRL 4
Mode coupled Semiconductor Laser with Feedback as an Optoelectronic Oscillator

This Invention enables the easier manufacturing of clocks for signals for high frequency data Transmission with less jitter.

14048/TUB TRL 5
Optoelectronic Device

This invention is used, for example, in telecommunications and enables fast but also secure transmission of optical signals.

10039/TUB TRL 2
Parametric Motion Vector Derivation for Video Coding

This method is used in the video software industry or in online video portals and enables, among other things, data rates in video coding processes to be reduced but not increased.

08044/TUB TRL 4
Photon Pair Source

This invention offers a process for the production of a photon pair source that generates interlaced photon pairs in a simple and reproducible manner and is used, for example, in the security industry or communications and information technology.

10092/TUB TRL 3
Pixel Processing

This invention enables efficient processing of pixels to increase the quality of a video sequence. The procedure is interesting for video sharing websites, online video-on-demand platforms or streaming media providers.

10094/TUB TRL 3
Positioning of Nanostructures

With this method, light emitting devices as well as single photon emitters can be constructed by producing layers with locally arranged nanostructures, and quantum cryptography and communication are also made possible.

08043/TUB TRL 4
Real Time Approaches for Video Genre Classification

This technology offers the possibility to classify videos according to the respective genre (e.g. "Cartoon" and "Non-Cartoon"). This can be used both for private home use and for the automatic classification of audiovisual data for the Internet and search engines.

11037/TUB TRL 4
Single Antenna FMCW Radar Front-End

This invention can be used for various positioning systems, e.g. in museums or harbours, distance measurement for vehicles or any wireless data transmission. The novel radar system enables the realization of highly integrated circuits, accompanied by improved insulation properties of the switching processes, as well as improved transmission and reception powers.

05051/TUB TRL 3
Single or Entangled Photon Source

The invention enables a simple and reproducible process for the production of a single or an entangled photon source, as used in quantum cryptography, the security industry or in communications and information technology.

18038/TUB TRL 4
Super Capacitors comprising Phosphonate and Arsenate-MOFs as active Electrode Materials

This Invention describes the usage of a novel semiconductor MOF comprising Phosphonate and Arsenate for a novel electrode material used in super capacitors.

10052/TUB TRL 6
Temporal Trajectory Filter

This invention can be used, for example, in the video software industry or in online video portals and enables the reduction of bit rates, improved image quality and improved noise suppression.