14017/TUB TRL 6
Attachment Device for Dimple Grinder

This Invention enables the preparation of wedge-shaped samples for the TEM with common lab equipment.

17003/TUB TRL 4
Method and Apparatus for time-resolved interferometric Measurements

This Invention enables resolutions in the picosecond scale ant herefor the investigation of dynamic processes in a TEM.

09088/TUB TRL 5
Method for determining abrasive grain

The method enables a universal, fast and easy evaluation and determination of abrasive grains and is used in the production of abrasive grains and abrasives.

14007/TUB TRL 5
Method for Testing Bonding Connections

Bonding is used in particular to create the visible connections in an electronic circuit with the board and thus to create contact points. This invention offers a non-destructive test procedure that can determine both simply and reliably whether a correct bond connection has been created.

16019/TUB TRL 6
Peristaltic Micro Pump

The innovative micropump enables precise dosing and exact control of the smallest quantities of liquid in the nanoliter range, as is often required in applications in medicine, biochemistry or chemistry.

17051/TUB TRL 4
Re-usable thermal interface

Wherever heat is generated in electronic components as a result of power loss, this must also be dissipated in order to prevent the components from overheating. The invention relates to a method for producing a composite material (metals and carbon), a composite material and a use of the composite material as a heat conductor as well as a heat exchanger. It enables an increase in the interface area and/or contact area of a redetachable and reusable thermal interface, thereby increasing the heat flow between two surfaces.

11041/TUB TRL 5
Torque and Force Sensor

With this invention, measurements are possible wherever installation heights are low, for example on sports equipment, road and rail vehicles or even construction machinery.