14017/TUB TRL 6
Attachment Device for Dimple Grinder

This Invention enables the preparation of wedge-shaped samples for the TEM with common lab equipment.

14029/TUB TRL 3
Chip-integrated Optical Sensor

This novel optical sensor, which has a very high sensitivity, can be used in biomedicine, biochemistry, pharmacy or environmental monitoring.

16007/TUB TRL 5
IFGARD (Internal Field Guarded Active Region Device)

This invention comprises a so-called semiconductor layer sequence, which can be used in LEDs, for example.

12019/TUB TRL 4
LED Light Coupler

This invention improves the performance of LEDs and can be used in medical devices or endoscopy, for example.

17003/TUB TRL 4
Method and Apparatus for time-resolved interferometric Measurements

This Invention enables resolutions in the picosecond scale ant herefor the investigation of dynamic processes in a TEM.

13019/TUB TRL 4
Mode coupled Semiconductor Laser with Feedback as an Optoelectronic Oscillator

This Invention enables the easier manufacturing of clocks for signals for high frequency data Transmission with less jitter.

14048/TUB TRL 5
Optoelectronic Device

This invention is used, for example, in telecommunications and enables fast but also secure transmission of optical signals.

08044/TUB TRL 4
Photon Pair Source

This invention offers a process for the production of a photon pair source that generates interlaced photon pairs in a simple and reproducible manner and is used, for example, in the security industry or communications and information technology.

10094/TUB TRL 3
Positioning of Nanostructures

With this method, light emitting devices as well as single photon emitters can be constructed by producing layers with locally arranged nanostructures, and quantum cryptography and communication are also made possible.

05051/TUB TRL 3
Single or Entangled Photon Source

The invention enables a simple and reproducible process for the production of a single or an entangled photon source, as used in quantum cryptography, the security industry or in communications and information technology.

12027/TUB TRL 4
UV LED with tunnel-injection layer

This Invention describes the composition of an UV-LED operatable in lower wavelengths.