15053/TUB TRL 5
Automatic Launch and Recovery System

This invention is used to lift people, vehicles or other objects that have gone overboard out of the water.

06023/TUB TRL 6
Counterpressure device for indirect extrusion

This invention enables the production of improved magnesium alloys, which are particularly interesting as lightweight materials in the automotive, aerospace and medical technology industries.

12014/TUB TRL 4
Energy Efficient Wagon Construction

This new type of freight car can be used in freight transport, transport, the railway industry or logistics and is more energy-efficient than conventional models due to its aerodynamically advantageous design, for example.

14067/TUB TRL 5
Method and Apparatus for Continuous Z-folding of Lithium-Ion Batteries

The Invention enables the continuous Z-folding of a electrode-seperator-composite for faster and cost-efficient production of battery-cells.

17051/TUB TRL 4
Re-usable thermal interface

Wherever heat is generated in electronic components as a result of power loss, this must also be dissipated in order to prevent the components from overheating. The invention relates to a method for producing a composite material (metals and carbon), a composite material and a use of the composite material as a heat conductor as well as a heat exchanger. It enables an increase in the interface area and/or contact area of a redetachable and reusable thermal interface, thereby increasing the heat flow between two surfaces.

08036/TUB TRL 7
Sea State Independent Oil Skimming System (SOS System)

With the invention of the SOS system, it is possible to skim oil slicks from the surface of the water, i.e. to absorb them, even in heavy seas.

16060/TUB TRL 6
Stall Warning Indicator

The invention enables the prediction of instability in a compressor, which allows an early warning in the event of a fault. The early warning system can be used in thermal turbomachinery, for example in aircraft engines.