Method and Apparatus for time-resolved interferometric Measurements
Patent 17003/TUB

This Invention enables resolutions in the picosecond scale ant herefor the investigation of dynamic processes in a TEM.

  1. Enables time resolutions in the picosecond range in a TEM
  2. Investigation of dynamic objects and processes is possible
  3. Easy implementation in a TEM
Possible Applications

Investigation of dynamic processes in semiconductor structures (switching processes of transistors in computer chips) and nanostructures (2D materials, nanotubes, nanowires).


Today, transmission electron microscopy (TEM) is the main technique used to investigate materials in the nanometer range (semiconductor devices, processors, functional materials). Electron holography, as an extension, allows for the measurement of electric and magnetic fields with the same spatial resolution. For this the interference pattern of two superimposed electron beams is recorded over a given exposure time and evaluated. In the TEM, it is technically very demanding to shorten recording times beneath the millisecond range and thus to investigate dynamic processes.

Technical Description

The invention presented here discribes how the exposure time of almost any TEM can be increased significantly with minimal technical effort. For this purpose, the interference pattern is deliberately disturbed for a certain time within the exposure time and remains undisturbed for a fraction of the exposure time. The entire measured interference pattern is holographically reconstructed, whereby only the information from the undisturbed time range is filtered out. By being much shorter than the exposure time, this allows for time resolutions in the nano- and pico second range with spatial resolutions in the nanometer range.

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