Spatially resolved Measurements of changes in Electromagnetic Potentials due to dynamic Effects via time-resolved Electron Holography
Patent 18008/TUB

Thisinvention enables the spatially and timely resolved measurement simulatneously of electronic and electro magnetic processes in a TEM.

  1. Spatially resolved measurements of electronic properties possible
  2. Investigation of fast dynamic objects and processes
  3. Easy implementation in a TEM
Possible Applications

Investigation of dynamic processes in semiconductor structures (switching processes of transistors in computer chips, investigation of nanostructures (2D-materials, nanotubes, nanowires).


Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) is the preferred tool for investigating materials and electronic devices, as needed in the semiconductor technology, at the nanometer scale. Electron holography, as an extension, allows the measurement of electronic and magnetic field magnitudes in the TEM with the same spatial resolution. Typical electronic measurement techniques, such as oscillography, which always investigate a complete electronic system lack exactly this local information.

Technical Description

The presented method allows measurements of electronic processes with high spatial resolution. By combining a time-resolved electron holographic evaluation of the phase, conclusions can be drawn about the dynamic behavior of nanodevices and their causes, like capacitances. In this context, possible boundary effects, like surface or interface effects, can be investigated simultaneously by means of location-dependent measured value formation.

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