16050/TUB TRL 6
Bridge tool for the production of extruded profiles with varying cross-sections

This invention enables the production of tailor-made extruded profiles for the forming of metals, for example in the production of pipes and the like. The process can be used in the automotive or aerospace industries.

17058/TUB TRL 4
Catalyst material for Fuel Cells, Electrolyzers, and a Manufacturing Process therefore

This Invention enables an improved catalysis of commonly used reactions in fuel cells and electrolyzers as well as an easier manufacturing process for this catalyst material.

13054/TUB TRL 6
Fluid Distribution Arrangement

This new type of liquid distributor is used, for example, in absorption chillers and can replace systems that were previously more complex and more susceptible over the operating time.

17004/TUB TRL 4
Mesoporous carbon coatings incorporating preformed noble metal nanoparticles

Production method for mesoporous carbon coatings incorporating noble metal nano particles.

14067/TUB TRL 5
Method and Apparatus for Continuous Z-folding of Lithium-Ion Batteries

The Invention enables the continuous Z-folding of a electrode-seperator-composite for faster and cost-efficient production of battery-cells.

11017/TUB TRL 7
Method for Operating a Cooling System

This invention offers a novel technology to increase the efficiency of cooling systems.

14025/TUB TRL 5
Ozonation via Membrane Contactors

This invention provides a way to purify wastewater from synthetic substances as well as bacteria or viruses.

14061/TUB TRL 5
Pitch Control System

This invention provides a control method for wind turbines to adapt their overall performance to the prevailing operating conditions.

14027/TUB TRL 4
Production method for photo-electrocatalytic electrodes from industrial pigment powders

An enhanced electrode for fuel cells and electro catalysis and the manufacturing process needed.

18031/TUB TRL 4
Production of Metal Oxides supported on Mesoporous Silica Particles

This invention enables an easier production of ordered mesoporous silica structures even at room temperature.

17051/TUB TRL 4
Re-usable thermal interface

Wherever heat is generated in electronic components as a result of power loss, this must also be dissipated in order to prevent the components from overheating. The invention relates to a method for producing a composite material (metals and carbon), a composite material and a use of the composite material as a heat conductor as well as a heat exchanger. It enables an increase in the interface area and/or contact area of a redetachable and reusable thermal interface, thereby increasing the heat flow between two surfaces.

08036/TUB TRL 7
Sea State Independent Oil Skimming System (SOS System)

With the invention of the SOS system, it is possible to skim oil slicks from the surface of the water, i.e. to absorb them, even in heavy seas.

18038/TUB TRL 4
Super Capacitors comprising Phosphonate and Arsenate-MOFs as active Electrode Materials

This Invention describes the usage of a novel semiconductor MOF comprising Phosphonate and Arsenate for a novel electrode material used in super capacitors.

16074/TUB TRL 3
Synthesis of Nanoparticles

This process enables the generation of nanoparticles in spray flames which can be used, for example, as coating material, in electrical devices, for thermal conduction or insulation or as catalyst.