06023/TUB TRL 6
Counterpressure device for indirect extrusion

This invention enables the production of improved magnesium alloys, which are particularly interesting as lightweight materials in the automotive, aerospace and medical technology industries.

09062/TUB TRL 6
Knee Orthosis

This new type of knee orthosis prevents the orthosis from shifting between the upper and lower leg segments during wearing due to axial incrugation, as is often the case with common knee orthoses. In addition, it minimizes both the constraining forces and the strain on the soft tissue.

09065/TUB TRL 3
Method and apparatus for measuring blood oxygen saturation

The method uses electromagnetic radiation to determine oxygen saturation in the blood more accurately than conventional methods.

07075/TUB TRL 4
Microstructured Polymer Stent

Unlike conventional drug-coated stents, which are used to maintain or restore the size of vessels in the human body, this novel microstructured polymer stent prevents late effects of stents such as increased risk of bleeding, acute intoxication or the formation of tumors.

09080/TUB TRL 6
Miniaturized Hose Pinch Valve

This invention enables fast, precise and highly dynamic dosing of the smallest quantities of liquid, as required, for example, in medical technology.

16015/TUB TRL 4
Mobile, Modular, Multimodal Biosignal Acquisition M3BA

This invention offers the highly precise acquisition of several bioelectric and biooptic brain and body signals simultaneously and is used in research and clinical processes as well as in automotive safety electronics or virtual reality applications.

17061/TUB TRL 4
Modifying of Ceramis Surfaces

This invention enaböes the inertion of various material surfaces for improving their resilience against soil and wear.

16057/TUB TRL 4
Mussel-Based Bioadhesives

This bioadhesive can be used in medicine to treat bone fractures or in wound treatment.

17011/TUB TRL 5
Oncolytic Coxsackievirus Variante PD for Treatment of Cancer

This invention enables the production of an oncolytic virus variante, enabling a novel specific treatment of malignant cancer. (in vivo PoC, TRL 5)

16019/TUB TRL 6
Peristaltic Micro Pump

The innovative micropump enables precise dosing and exact control of the smallest quantities of liquid in the nanoliter range, as is often required in applications in medicine, biochemistry or chemistry.

14035/TUB TRL 4
Protein verification with Aptamers

This Innovation enables the easy marking and separating of different Proteins in a single sample.

17024/TUB TRL 4
Synthesis of Omphalotin A and familiar Secundary Metabolites

This Invention enables the Synthesis of Omphalotin A and modified secundary metabolites for the development of novel antibiotics.

14014/TUB TRL 4
Synthesis of Secondary Metabolites in Filamentous Fungi

This Invention contains the process of synthesis of secondary metabolites in fungal host organisms for the production of novel antibiotics.

12027/TUB TRL 4
UV LED with tunnel-injection layer

This Invention describes the composition of an UV-LED operatable in lower wavelengths.